Ubique Calculus

Ubique Calculus Ltd. (Ubicalc) is a recently founded scientific software company. Its current areas of research and interest are modelling of chemical, biochemical and electrochemical reactions, experimental data analysis and fitting. The company was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2014 by two young researchers at Vilnius University – Audrius Laurynėnas (research area – biochemistry) and Justinas V. Daugmaudis (mathematics and informatics). This synergistic cooperation enables us to design and implement innovative software for scientists from biotech, chemistry and life sciences industries and academy.

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Our mission is to develop outstanding software for your research or educational needs, to enable researchers to plan experiments and to perform data analysis effectively and interactively through easy to use and innovative software, to reduce your R&D costs through carefully designed simulation and analysis framework.

Our first product – chemical and biochemical reactions’ modelling software enables cutting-edge quality modelling of chemical and biochemical kinetics experiments and data fitting. It is targeted at researchers with primary interest in chemical and biochemical kinetics and estimation of reaction rate parameters. Our software is intended to cut off experimental and data analysis costs through fast, reliable and simple analysis and simulation framework.

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